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The definitive guide to iGaming affiliate commissions 2022. What is the best way to put up a casino commission plan? What are the most popular affiliate commission structures in the iGaming industry?

To begin answering these issues, let us first consider what commission programs are intended to accomplish.

In accordance with Commission intentions…

Affiliates are rewarded by iGaming operators for income that has already been earned.
To increase their chances of earning more money, affiliates are encouraged to promote a certain operator.
After reading this article, you will have gained all of the knowledge necessary to comprehend commission programs in their entirety. The operation of a Commission plan is rather basic if you understand how it operates.

The definitive guide to iGaming affiliate commissions 2022

iGaming affiliate commissionsCPARS GGRHybridBase LineFixed feesAdmin fees
Example Deal$3035%$30+35% From GGRMid deposit$10k10-20%

What is the process of commissioning and who is engaged in it?

A method of compensating affiliates for the services they offer, such as generating traffic and bringing in a targeted audience, is via the use of commissions in online gaming.
The definitive guide to the iGaming commission

The following are the individuals and organizations that were engaged in the process:

The affiliate is in charge of advertising the company’s services and generating visitors to the company’s website on the company’s behalf.

The operator is the one that wants to partner with an affiliate in order to bring in more clients to their website, increase sales, publicize their services, or increase interaction with their customers.
Networks are affiliate programs that bring together many iGaming businesses under one roof and provide affiliates with the opportunity to market those brands.

This directory connects the two parties – affiliates and operators – and provides them with all of the tools they need to collaborate independently and in a mutually beneficial way. Is a free service that allows affiliates and operators to collaborate independently and in a mutually beneficial way.
The top four sorts of commissions

Choosing the most appropriate compensation plan and rates is critical to keeping your affiliates interested and pleased with your business. Now, let’s take a look at the most frequent sorts of affiliate commissions in the online gaming industry.


Cost-per-acquisition commissions are one of the most frequent types of commissions in the industry (also known as cost-per-action). When you take the time to understand how it works, it becomes a rather straightforward notion. An affiliate will earn a one-time payment when a player they have connected completes an activity (an agreed-upon action) on the casino’s website, such as making a first-time deposit (FTD), registering, or placing bets.

In the case of NetBet (shown below), the cost per acquisition (CPA) ranges from 13.00 euros to 70.00 euros.

The definitive guide to the iGaming commission

Betsson Affiliates are offering a revenue share.
Revenue Share is one of the most attractive commission schemes available in the industry, according to the Best iGaming Offers website. While CPA affiliates get a one-time payment for each action taken, RevShare affiliates receive recurring income for as long as the associated consumer continues to utilize the brand’s services (or a set duration agreed upon by the affiliate and the brand). The affiliate gets compensated as a proportion of the total income generated.

Unlike other traffic generators, Revshare has a number of benefits. When utilizing Revshare, you must be able to generate continual sales while also converting clients’ initial interest into a monetary gain. However, despite the fact that this commission kind requires more work from the affiliate, it is clearly the most lucrative, resulting in the highest amounts of money.

Please keep in mind that Rev Share is paid as a proportion of overall income generated – and that the percentage varies from plan to plan. Sportsbooks may charge anywhere from 15 percent to 40 percent (and occasionally even more), while casinos and poker rooms can charge up to 60 percent (and sometimes more).


This commission structure combines a fixed CPA rate with a revenue-sharing model that distributes a piece of the income. Consequently, the affiliate gets compensated when a user registers on the operator’s website and/or makes a deposit (if this is the agreed-upon action), but the compensation does not end there. As long as the player who was suggested by the affiliate continues to play and bet on the operator’s website, the affiliate will continue to get a share of the income produced.

NOTE: In such instances, both RevShare and CPA are often provided at a far lower rate than they would be if they were offered as independent commission programs.

Fees that are set in stone

A set fee is an agreed-upon sum that an affiliate wants in exchange for allowing the operator to be included on the affiliate’s site. This kind of affiliate is often associated with well-known businesses that have gained significant authority among gamers who depend on their evaluations. Taking the example of AskGamblers, the operator must pay a one-time set payment of 2500 EUR in order to be included on the website. Affiliates are paid commissions in accordance with the terms and conditions of the operators.

If you’re creating a commission plan, what factors should you consider?

To guarantee that you are not providing anything unusual, research the market and your rivals thoroughly. Examine what they have to offer as well as the various commission structures accessible in the market.
Earn no mistake: the best commission plan is not necessarily the most lucrative. Rather, the greatest commission plan is one that allows both the operator and the affiliate to make money at the same time, without either being overpaid or underpaid.

Instead of going after the highest commission plan, focus on increasing your brand’s relevance and conversion rate instead. Each website is designed to a certain market, as seen by the perks, language, and offers it provides. Maintaining high conversion rates requires the use of relevant content.

Following on from the prior point, it cannot be overstated how important it is to determine the most relevant market for your website’s advertising campaign. You must make every effort to ensure that you are as relevant as possible in the market in which you have chosen to advertise your website. The affiliate may select another operator’s website that is more appropriate to the target market if this is not done in advance.

Making the right choice when it comes to affiliates is also critical since you can’t partner with just any affiliate because each one targets a particular market.

Exactly what should you avoid doing while creating a commission plan?

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should avoid doing when creating a commission plan now that we’ve covered what you should think about while constructing one.

Don’t offer affiliates enticing and large rewards just to gradually diminish them in the long term.
Don’t increase your income by including any hidden charges. Affiliates will pick up on it – it will be obvious in a short period of time, and you will lose authority swiftly.

Check to see if there are any hidden words (for example the affiliate all of suddenly discovering that the player no longer belongs to them, because of a term in the agreement which unlinks the player after x months from the affiliate.). Make every effort to be as truthful as possible with the affiliate.

Payments should not be delayed since doing so may have serious consequences, such as damage of your relationship with the affiliate.

Never attempt to defraud affiliates – affiliates must be confident that the operators with whom they are collaborating are dependable and trustworthy.

Do affiliates take advantage of operators?

Operators are not the only ones who have the potential to cheat their affiliates. Unfortunately, it is often the affiliates that engage in unethical behavior and attempt to defraud the system. For example, they may demand a set charge but then fail to provide any traffic to you. It’s possible that such affiliates aren’t even permitted. A number of them may register with their gamers, participate in games, and seek to earn cashback. As a result, they may register their accounts via their affiliate account and receive a commission based on their sales volume.

Providing a helpful hand

The majority of operators employ affiliate networks, or they use – the iGaming directory, which brings operators and affiliates together to interact and do business in an ethical manner, without the use of scams or fraudulent practices. Such platforms guarantee that you are dealing with reputable affiliates that conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner.

It goes one step further with the inclusion of a section devoted to iGaming complaints in the case of any discontent or misunderstanding on the part of the player.

We wouldn’t be offering you all of this advice if we weren’t really pleased about the prospect of presenting you with something wonderful, would you?

In order to partner with respectable affiliates, we propose that you go to the Best iGaming Affiliates website, where you will discover a list of the best iGaming affiliates in the business.

Alternatively, if you want to make things a whole lot easier for yourself, you can sign up for a free account on the website, where you’ll be able to connect with the best iGaming affiliates and have the opportunity to communicate with those affiliates directly through the system via other channels. The benefit of doing so is that you will be able to get a jump start on your many great partnerships while also ensuring the security of your affiliate campaign.

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